Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Rise and Shine?

I hate when I can’t sleep.  Sleeping is so delightful.  Snuggled up in a soft nest. Blanketed from the cold outer world beyond the footboard. Peaceful. Cozy.

Then there’s tonight. I fight getting up as long as possible.  That’s just admitting failure. Maybe if I lay quietly and try harder.  Maybe if I concentrate on the soft sleep sounds from my husband across the bed. Maybe if I stretch my foot over the edge of mattress. Or push the covers down to my waist. Or lay on my back. No, on my side. On my other side? One hand up, no down.  The aerobic workout has made me thirsty.  

I’m up.  I admit it.  My feet touched the floor and the next thing I know I’m washing dishes and cleaning the kitchen.  Cleaning the kitchen is not delightful.  I will not fall asleep washing dishes (though the warm soapy water might work wonders if I could just fit in the sink).

As I settle in at the desk (I have never fallen asleep at the desk), a little worm makes its way out from a dark corner of my brain. It’s surprisingly loud for a little worm.  “Coffee at 6!  Nap at 8:30!  Unfinished report! No post in four days!”  

They say things are clearer in the light of day, but I’ve found true revelations in the middle of the night.  Tonight is no exception. My bad habits and To Do list conspired against me and practically threw me out of bed.

Maybe this Slice of Life will work wonders. Just enough easing of the mind to drift off to Nirv...


  1. Shhhh ... don't let my typing wake you up .... I know that feeling of being up and wondering when I will be able to drift off ....

  2. I think I have had the exact same workout before...though dirty dishes don't have the same pull! Hoping there truly was sleep to be had at the end of this post.

  3. Awww.. I can relate to this for sure. It's so frustrating when you can't sleep. I loved your first line, "snuggled up in a soft nest." YES!!! I can't wait to climb into bed at the end of a long day. Hoping you found some sleep!

  4. Wonderful capture of that awful middle of the night wakefulness. I especially liked your aerobic workout.

  5. "Blanketed from the cold outer world" Love that line--I cannot imagine getting up and doing dishes when I cannot sleep. I do, however, know the voice of the little worm. Welcome back--glad to see your post.

  6. Oh insomnia! So sorry. But doing dishes? That's pretty brave of you.

  7. I do not suffer from this, but I live with someone who does. I feel absolutely awful for him. There are many nights where unfinished or waiting tasks keep him up late or wake him up in the wee hours. Thanks for capturing that essence. I enjoyed the line about aerobics in bed along with the description, it made me laugh.